A creative homemaker who enjoys being a Mom to two lovely daughters, quilting, sewing handbags, baking yummy treats, cooking with or without a recipe... basically anything domestic and creative.

The very best days are the ones spent
creating at home with my girls.
In this blog, I hope you'll find tips and inspiration that will encourage you to live more creatively at home and to possibly even enjoy doing so on a limited budget! I haven't always been thrilled with the idea of being thrifty, but lately I've found that it stretches my creativity and is actually kinda fun! It's exciting going hunting for cheap junk that I can re-finish or re-purpose to gradually beautify my home.  

From tried and true family recipes to slipcover tutorials and step-by-step paper crafts, there's something for everyone whether you consider yourself crafty or not. 

Thank you for following me along on this 6 year journey. By far, the greatest benefit of blogging has been connecting with and getting to know fellow bloggers from all around the world. If you're new here, WELCOME! 

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