Wednesday, September 10, 2014

$5 Pattern Sale!!


Now that it's getting to be fall-ish weather for most of us, I'm wondering if you're spending more time in the sewing room? Yesterday I was out there for the first time in awhile quilting a quilt for my aunt. She made a cute, bright and colorful quilt top and backed it with soft, cozy flannel. I quilted a spiral design starting in the center and working out. I find I'm posting over on instagram daily (more than once a day, as much as my kids think that's weird/overkill - they can always unfollow me. lol). You can find pics of yesterday's quilt here. My username is creatingathome, if you'd like to look me up. :)

After taking a few weeks off in the busy summer, I'm happy to be back playing around with my Brother DreamWeaver sewing machine again. One thing I really want to experiment more with is the embroidery feature. I really really want to make monogrammed pillows for my house and personalized baby goodies for my new baby niece/nephew who's on the way! (So exciting!!)

... And, speaking of Brother Canada, my daughters and I will be working with them again this fall. We will be participating in the launch of some upcoming sewing machines, including reviewing the top of the line Dream Machine!! I have no idea how they could improve upon the DreamWeaver, because I still see it as sewing and quilting perfection, but I am really interested and eager to find out.

Once the new machines arrive, I'll be posting constant updates on Instagram, of course, and also some more helpful and in depth stuff here on the blog.

I hope you're enjoying the end of summer as much as I am. Talk to you soon. Oh, by the way, my 2 quilt patterns are now on sale for $5 each over on Craftsy!! Take a look.


 $5 Sale!! Chevron Accent Quilt
Buy on Craftsy for $5

 $5 Pattern Sale!! Ombre Baby Dot
Buy on Craftsy for $5