Sunday, January 05, 2014

Brother P-Touch Label Maker

Eden Luymes has graciously written this guest post reviewing the new Brother PTD200 Home and Office Labeler. Eden is 16 and attends the same high school as my daughter. Thanks, Eden! Sounds like you had a lot of fun with the label maker. :)

I am what some might call, a perfectionist. Everything must have a place, be organized and done so perfectly. For this reason, the Brother P-Touch Label Maker and I quickly became the best of friends. This portable, handy and remarkably easy to use machine is great for organizing, as well as personalizing your life.
The Brother P-Touch Label Maker caters to even the ‘technology un-inclined,’ with a very informative manual, complete with a list of all the possible animations one can add to their labels to personalize them. I found the manual very handy in figuring out how to use the label maker, and soon became well acquainted with the controls and options available for various labels. The fun and creative styles and sizing of font, as well as the cute and large variety of pictures and symbols available make it easy to have fun while organizing, as well as personalize everything from binders to bike helmets. Brother also sells different colours of tape, and it’s very easy to remove and replace the cartridges. I particularly liked the pink label paper.

Brother PTD200 Home and Office Labeler

With this label maker, one has lots of freedom to tailor and change each label, and give specific orders to make each label unique, such as label size, font (it even includes upside-down and vertical options), etc. There are many options to explore, and I found myself enjoying learning how to use the various capabilities of the machine. The labels themselves are of high quality, and stick very securely to many surfaces from paper to plastic and even leather. I did however find that often if one is not specific with the sizing used in his or her labels, the label maker automatically creates a larger, more ‘roomy’ label, and I often found myself cutting it down to size and wasting some of the label paper. But, once I learned how to specify the label sizes, these problems dispersed. Another handy thing about this label maker is that when the labels are dispensed at the top of the machine, there is a tab one can press that easily cuts the label paper, so one doesn't need to have a pair of scissors handy at all times.

With this label maker, I found myself labeling everything from my clarinet case to my Bible to my thermos, and each time I was very satisfied with the result. Easy to use and with very few drawbacks, this label maker is very handy and fun as well. It is safe to say that it’s on next years Christmas wish list for me!

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  1. Labeling everything and anything is so fun :-) Nice review.