Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Technique Tuesday :: 5/10 Brother DreamWeaver Sewing Tutorials

Have you ever spotted something in a store and thought, “Hey, I could make that!”? I’m going to show you how to make knock-off Anthropologie ruffle curtains out of flat sheets using my Brother DreamWeaver sewing machine!  This is a huge money saver if you happen to find the sheets on clearance. It doesn’t really matter if the sheets are 100% cotton or high thread count since you won’t be sleeping on them! Although, these curtains could just as easily be a bed spread, a throw or even a shower curtain.

This tutorial is number five in a series of 10 that I am working on for Brother Canada. They have so generously provided me with an amazing Brother DreamWeaver sewing/embroidery machine combo. You can find the rest of the tutorials here:

  1. Perfect Half Square Triangles
  2. Pretty Perfect Pinwheels
  3. Quilting Chevrons
  4. Flawless Machine Binding
Also, check out some other awesome tutorials at Home Stories A to Z , Bombshell Bling, Shabby Art Boutique, Twigg Studios, I Heart Naptime, The Pin Junkie.

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