Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Technique Tuesday :: 5/10 Brother DreamWeaver Sewing Tutorials

Have you ever spotted something in a store and thought, “Hey, I could make that!”? I’m going to show you how to make knock-off Anthropologie ruffle curtains out of flat sheets using my Brother DreamWeaver sewing machine!  This is a huge money saver if you happen to find the sheets on clearance. It doesn’t really matter if the sheets are 100% cotton or high thread count since you won’t be sleeping on them! Although, these curtains could just as easily be a bed spread, a throw or even a shower curtain.

This tutorial is number five in a series of 10 that I am working on for Brother Canada. They have so generously provided me with an amazing Brother DreamWeaver sewing/embroidery machine combo. You can find the rest of the tutorials here:

  1. Perfect Half Square Triangles
  2. Pretty Perfect Pinwheels
  3. Quilting Chevrons
  4. Flawless Machine Binding
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Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Designing a Dream Sewing Room

Written by guest blogger, Aimee Claire. Aimee is an enthusiastic, well-educated freelance writer with a passion for Interior Design. She is fascinated at how different patterns, textures and lighting can completely change the look and atmosphere of a room.

Many women, to quote Virginia Woolf, need a room of their own, in which to be creative. In her case it was so she could write, but it is just as relevant to women, or indeed men, who express their creativity through sewing.

Creating the mood
Where a hobby is carried out, and how that room is decorated, can have a direct, positive effect on the pieces of work created. It is well known that color can induce a particular mood, and there are some colors that help to inspire creativity.

A sewing room is usually a feminine space, so the best colors to use are whites and creams, pinks, blues and greens. White or creams give a room a feeling of airiness and purity, and act as the perfect blank canvas to populate with furniture and personal artwork. Green looks fresh and has a calming effect, while blue encourages relaxation while stimulating creativity. A mixture of either blue or green with white or cream is the best combination for a craft room. Perhaps the prettiest d├ęcor would involve a white or cream background, with a pastel color, such as pale pinks or blues, furniture.

A sewing hobby brings with it a lot of supplies and tools, all of which need to be organized and stored. A good way to store fabrics is in cupboards or chests of drawers. Buttons and hooks can be stored in glass jars or transparent boxes, making it easy to see what they contain. These can be placed on a shelf or bookcase, or fixed permanently to the wall as a design feature. Pens and pencils could be placed in pots or upcycled tin cans. Cotton reels can have their own display unit on the wall or on the back of a door, while swatches can be clipped together and hung from a rod. These supplies are pretty in their own right, so make a feature of their storage by using attractive pots and boxes and leaving them on show. Some plain wood storage boxes would look immeasurably better by being covered in vintage-style wallpaper.

Apart from the storage pieces, a sewing room will need a large waist-high table for cutting fabric, a comfortable chair and stool, an ironing board, as well as a moveable storage trolley or unit. Find old haberdashery store furniture to give it an individual feel, and upcycle existing items with a fresh coat of paint. An essential is, of course, a table for a sewing machine, set at the right height and preferably near the source of natural light so as not to strain the eyes too much.

Talking of natural light, consider what will work best as a dressing for the window. Regulated light is best for a craft room, so the best way to dress the window is to install custom made shutters, which can be closed or opened, and the slats will angle the light. These can be framed with pretty floral curtains to soften the look. For night time, it is important to have a good directional light on the desk for close work.