Monday, May 13, 2013

Cheater Ruffles with the Brother Dreamweaver XE and a 1/4" Foot!

To make ruffles/gathers without the pesky pulling (and possibly breaking) of threads, simply set your machine's stitch length to the longest possible (5 mm on the Brother Dreamweaver XE) and set the tension to the tightest possible (9). Use a normal foot. Brother also sells a Ruffler Foot for this sewing machine, but I do not have it so I found this method to work quite well.

In this video I am sewing ruffles onto sheets that I've cut up to make anthropologie style ruffled curtains! I'm using 2 twin size sheets for the actual curtains. I've sewn a rod pocket across the top of these. Then I cut up 2 queen size sheets into 12" strips. Before I ruffled them I made sure 3 sides were hemmed. I left on the original hems to save time.

To sew the ruffles to the twin sheets I will lay out the sheets side by side on the floor and line up the ruffles evenly, pinning them into place and being sure to overlap them just enough to hide the ruffle stitching.

Thanks for watching my little video.

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