Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Yes, machine embroidery is fun!


After a little trial and error last night, I got the machine embroidery function figured out on the Brother Dreamweaver XE that has taken over my dining room! The "trial and error" was totally a blond moment on my part (I blame the highlights). I just had to press "go" (the red arrow shown in the pic) and, voila! It started. My first project was a custom pillow case; a little hostess giftie for my niece. My daughter will be going on a band trip next week and will be billeted with some of her friends at my sister's house, which is really neat! Now to make one for my nephew... just need to get some non-pink thread for him.

An awesome feature of this machine that I'm very excited about is you can plug your laptop into it and drag & drop any machine embroidery pattern! I searched Pinterest and found many adorable (and FREE!) patterns, including this cute Kitchen Aid stand mixer. It only took a second to drag & drop it from the laptop to the sewing machine. Excellent. 
Here's the embroidered Kitchen Aid up close! I'm going to make this into a patchwork tea towel to hang on my stove.  I've never found one in the store that is big enough or cute enough for that, so this will be nice!

Custom pillow case for Clare.

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