Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Subway Tiles Baby Quilt

The first day with "my" fabulous new sewing machine (the V-Series Dreamweaver XE on loan from Brother Canada) has been a lot of fun! I thought I'd test it out on something normal (to me) first, so I pieced this lovely Subway Tiles baby quilt top this morning. Next I'll try some straight line quilting to finish off this quilt. (The pattern for it will be available soon! It's a super quick and super fun project; one you could finish in a day).

One thing I don't particularly enjoy is reading product manuals. Thankfully, the manuals that come with this machine are very well written and easy to read! What a relief. Anyway, you don't even need to read the manuals if you don't fee like it, because on the gorgeous touch screen you can find out pretty much anything you need to know about threading the bobbin, threading the needle (it's self-threading - HELLO!) and basic machine operation. 

I did, however, bust a needle right off the bat because I didn't realize the needle was in the wrong position for the foot. Ooops.

See you tomorrow with more updates on this beautiful machine and progress pics of my latest quilt!


  1. I'm seriously coveting this machine. Not only beautiful and shaped well but perfect in every way.

    1. Me too Nanette! Wanting to upgrade my embroidery only machine to something with a bit more oomph.