Saturday, September 29, 2012

Still Painting ... etc

This morning I was at Spruce Collective's grand opening and seeing their beautiful store and their lovely paint display reminded me... I've got to get my dresser finished! It now has two coats of paint. I'm still debating about distressing it and would love your opinions on that if you've painted and distressed furniture before. Keep in mind it's fake wood that was primed with white primer before I painted it. I picked up a wax brush today that will hopefully help get the dark wax into all the grooves really well.

Santa Fe Turquoise by CeCe Caldwell's
The owners at Spruce Collective are so warm and welcoming and inspiring with all of their helpful tips and great ideas. They even let me buy part of a display that wasn't technically for sale. So kind of them! If you're wondering, it was a couple of birch logs! Madelyn and I have a great Christmas craft planned for these.

Birch log display that I just couldn't leave alone.
Those logs were too cute.

What else did I buy? Another knob! One I don't even have a piece of furniture for. How's that for backwards... buy the knob first, then scout out furniture that it will go on. Sounds fine to me. I also got 3 different vintagey posters and a small can of orange paint! Now I need a quick (ya right) trip to Ikea to pick up frames for the posters.

My growing knob collection. The top 2 are from
Handmade by Amanda and the bottom 4 are from Spruce Collective.
You see, on my way out of town this morning I drove by (then immediately slammed on the brakes) a free chair! Of course, I had to stop and make my daughter run back and grab it. It's ugly now, but it's sturdy wood with neat details and an upholstered seat. I knew when I saw it that it would have to be orange. Bright orange.

Sneak peak of ugly-soon-to-be-orange-and-pretty chair.

Even the refreshment station is cute.
I brought 3 14 year old girls to the grand opening this morning,
as you can imagine the candy buffet was a big hit!
They even had cello bags and twine for the diy candy bags!
The grand opening was a fun, relaxing stop on the way to spend the afternoon
with one of the girls' friends who is in children's hospital. For those of you who know me, yes *I* drove and yes we *did* get lost. More than once. But we survived and finished the day with a nice dinner at Montanna's and now a 4 kid sleepover with sewing and mario party. This mom is wiped, but it was a good and full day.

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