Thursday, September 20, 2012

Painted Furniture - Armoire

Day 2 of my Painted Furniture Series!

We bought this armoire/tv cabinet in 1995. It was one of my first furniture purchases for the house we had just bought (gorgeous house and it was so cheap, I wish we could have that house now, but alas it was in the wrong town). Anyway, we bought the cabinet at Costco. It's always been kinda flimsy, but it's real wood and I liked the look of it. It was unfinished when we bought it and we instantly stained it with, what was supposed to be, clear stain. Over the years it went from light knotty pine to a horrifical, not at all nice orange. Good riddance to that colour! It's now been painted with Halcyon Green, inside and out. Now that we have a "proper" tv, the armoire is used as a linen closet. It currently resides in the corner of the living room, but I'm sure it'll end up somewhere else soon. Maybe our bedroom.

Again, I didn't distress the paint... but I could still. Or I might re-paint this with chalk paint, then distress, then finish it off with an ageing wax. I plan to get new knobs for this one, too! There are so many cool products out now for painting furniture! There's a furniture painting class coming up at Spruce Collective (awesome, awesome new store. More on that later). I think I might take the class! They also carry a line of chalk paint.
One day I will take better pictures of my furniture,
but that day... is not today. :)

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