Sunday, May 06, 2012

Grabbit Sewing Tools Review and Giveaway

*** The winner is Colleen Walker! ***


Grabbit Sewing Tools recently sent me 3 of their products to try out and they're also giving away one set to one of my lucky readers! Please leave a comment on this post to be entered. Contest is open to Canada/USA. Winner will be randomly chosen on May 10, 2012.

BobbinSaver is, by far, the best method I've come across for storing and organizing bobbins! It holds both plastic and metal bobbins.

The Grabbit Magnetic Pincushion is a real time saver! I find it much quicker and more convenient to grab pins off  here rather than a traditional pincushion and when you're done with a pin, you just drop it in the direction of the magnetic pincushion and the magnet will grab it and pull it into place. Excellent!

This little gadget is great for those of you who want to be super organized. The Spooler Spindles hole your spool of thread and matching bobbin together in one tidy little package. 

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  1. Love the bobbin saver! Need to get one of these!!!

  2. So cool!!!!!

  3. Cool sewing goodies! The bobbin saver is pretty neat!
    Lisa Wilkinson

  4. Looks pretty handy. I could use one.

  5. OK trying again. Travis does not need a bobbin saver, I however could use one.

  6. These all look like great products... I especially love the pincushion idea. No more spilled pins! Handy :)

  7. Love the pin cushion idea, always loosing mine

  8. I have been using the bobbin saver for a couple of years now and LOVE it, but one is not enough for all my colours of partial bobbins!

  9. ok - the bobbin saver is a great idea and I also think that a magnetic pincushion sounds fabulous! I hate having to stick the pin into a pincushion. I would love to win any of these products!

  10. I have one of those magnetic pin cushions, they are great. I think that bobbin holder is pretty neat.