Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Knitting :: Baby's First Gift


As I've mentioned before, knitting and crocheting are my main winter hobbies. It just seems like such a cozy and relaxing thing to do when the weather's all crappy. Plus, people like to wear toques, scarves and mittens in the winter, so it's the perfect time to make them! And... if you've been given beautiful new knitting needles, so much the better!

One of the fun perks of blogging is being given the opportunity to review cool products. Just last week I received two sets of gorgeous ChiaoGoo Premium Bamboo circular needles in two different sizes. They have a 12" cord, which is ideal for knitting newborn hats. The bamboo part of the needle is nice and short, too so they fit easily in your hands enabling smooth and speedy knitting. It says on the package that the bamboo needles are handcrafted from Chinese Moso bamboo, which is one of the strongest bamboo species in the world. That's pretty neat.

Compared to the old metal needles I'd bought at the thrift store, the ChiaoGoo's are an absolute dream to knit with. The join from the bamboo to the metal and then the metal to the cord is so smooth and seamless. No more tugging at your stitches to get them over the bump!
ChiaoGoo needle size is permanently laser marked on the needle
and will not wear off (unlike the regular, cheap metal needles I am used to!).

These adorable little hats are made by my Mom! She can whip up  a dozen hats in  a week or less.
These ones are on their way to the maternity ward in a Surrey hospital for newborns!

Here's a purple toque I'm just about finished... on my new ChiaoGoo needles!
This one will go to the hospital my sister works at in Northern BC.
 They like to give out purple toques to the babies in that maternity ward!

Here's a teeny tiny Moochie by Woolly Wormhead hat that I just finished up. This one was knit on straight needles and you create a piece that is on the bias and then graft it together to form a hat. Very cool and different to make!
For more knitting inspiration, you can follow my knitting board on Pinterest! I'm a pinner addict so there's always something new being added!

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