Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Home Decorating :: 2012 House Goals


When we bought this house a few years ago it was really a dream come true to be in our own home again and to be done with renting. What I didn't really want to realize at the time was how much work would need to be done to get it "nice", how time consuming it would be and how expensive! Let's just say it's been a very gradual process, but at least there is some progress to show for all of our work!

There's still lots more to be done. Here's a list of the things I definitely want to get done this year (and hopefully more, but it depends on $$).

2012 Home Goals
#4 is a little daunting. I may just slipcover the couch instead!

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Craft Racks!

Saved by Suzy


  1. I had to reread number 4! Great list!

  2. Thanks, Sara! From everything I've read via Pinterest, painting upholstered furniture is quite do-able. At the moment, though, it's our only couch, so I'm afraid if I paint and it goes all hard and crunchy, it will be unusable!

  3. Hi-Found you over at Nester's 2012 party and I'm your newest follower-can't wait to see what 2012 brings to all of us-stop over for a visit! Claire

  4. We are going to redo our trim, too. It seems daunting at the moment. Will you do white or stained wood?

  5. Welcome here! Glad to see some new faces. :) Four our trim it will be wood trim that we paint glossy white. We've already done quite a bit of it. I think all the windows are done now. Just need to do the baseboards. I would reeeeeally love crown mouldings, but we'd have to find a really great bargain for that! Beth, what color will you do your trim?

  6. holy moly! Those are some ambitious goals... you go!!!

  7. yes indeed that is one ambitious list! wowza, we are in a project mode ourselves right seems to get in the way- not enough of it!

  8. I could bare the thought of writing down my House Goals. Too many! But I wish you luck ;)

    Don't you find that blogging give you motivation to get things done? Or is it just me, ha!

    Thanks for the comment and the follow! Are you on Google+? Google Friend Connect is going away and will shift over to G+. Let me know so I can follow you back :)

  9. I may have to make a list of my own soon. I have been planning to move to another state and have started looking at new homes for sale.