Thursday, December 22, 2011

DIY :: Cinnamon and Cranberry Candles

Merry Christmas! Only a few days to go now. How ready are you? We just got back from spending a couple relaxing days with my Mom, sister and niece. Now that we are home I'm starting to feel the crunch, but trying not to fret! I have a very detailed list of what still needs to be done and even though it's quite a long list, it's still very do-able, and I have my willing helpers, so that's good! How about you?

Here's yet another Pinterest inspired idea with a few of my step-by-step pics for you.

Candles, cranberries, elastics, needle and thread, drop cloth scraps.

Put an elastic on a candle.

Slip cinnamon sticks under elastic.

It works best if candle is laying down.

Wrap with torn strip of drop cloth. Burlap would also look nice and rustic.

Wrap the drop cloth around a couple times and tie in a knot.

Nestle candle(s) in a bed of fresh cranberries on a silver platter or pretty plate.
Make a mini cranberry garland using a needle and thread to wrap around another candle.
Tie a piece of red and white twin around another candle to finish it off!

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