Saturday, October 08, 2011

Stocking the Pantry


We've had a fun and relaxing couple of days on a mini getaway to "the states" Bellingham, WA. It's nice living so close to the USA so we can go down there for shopping now and then, especially when our dollar has been close to par. It's not so good today, but good enough that a lot of things are still way cheaper! Not everything is cheaper, so you have to be careful. Some things we saved money on were gas, cheese, sour cream, cream cheese, eggs, milk, butter, icing sugar, brown sugar and magnetic pin cushions! They were $4.99 at Jo-Ann as opposed to the $17.95 that Fabricland is selling them for.

My pantry is now well stocked for the next 23 days of Holiday Baking! Tomorrow I'll be featuring an apple pie so good and so easy that even your kids can make it. I know, cuz my kids did make it! I wonder what recipes we'll be trying next week and who the lucky recipients will be!

Monday is our Thanksgiving dinner. I can't wait for that! It'll be nice to enjoy visiting with our friends over a delicious meal. What's your favourite part of Thanksgiving dinner? For me it's definitely the stuffing and the cranberry sauce. Y.U.M.

I'm looking for a blogger who'd be interested in making a guest appearance on my blog one day in the next couple of weeks. Someone who would like to share a Christmas recipe. If this interests you, please email me! Thanks.

I hope you're having a wonderful long weekend.


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