Thursday, September 15, 2011

Summer 2011

I painted the china cabinet Sherwinn Williams Halcyon Green with  Ramie trim.
I spray painted the chandelier white.
Here's the before pic of the dining room. It was a sea of brown!
  • Celebrated our 17th anniversary by renovating/decorating our house and also enjoyed a lovely dinner out at Jackson's.
  • Had an amazing holiday on the Sunshine Coast with my parents and sister (and her family). See the amazing place we stayed here.
  • My youngest daughter's new bike was stolen right out of our fenced, gated back yard. Idiots.
  • I finished knitting an amazing "swiss cheese" scarf. I can't wait until it's cold so I can start wearing it!
  • Made many delicious summer salads. We didn't barbecue enough, though!
  • The girls and I stayed with my parents for awhile; had lots of fun at the pool, the thrift store and Keefers.
  • Several trips to the waterslides!
  • Had my sister Lisa and her daughter stay with us, which was awesome. Lisa could not sit still the entire time, so needless to say - we got a lot done! We also had some fun, too.
  • The girls spent many hours splashing in our back yard pool and then dripping through the house repeatedly.
  • Helped friends move; mostly by babysitting their sweet little girl and boy and by letting them give us some of their excess stuff! lol
  • Sold the beast (ie. pick up). Got a new (old) car.
  • Closed my salon - for good. Applied for 28 jobs.
  • Made s'mores for the first time in my life, but it was in the oven so it probably doesn't count. I didn't even like them! Way too sweet.

  • Dragged the kids and sometimes their friends to lots of garage sales and thrift stores. Found some treasures.
  • Had friends over for meals, but not enough.
  • Made homemade pasta. It was good, but only if we cooked it the same day we made it.
  • Went to the beach, but not enough! We didn't have much summer weather this summer, so it feels like it was way too short.
  • Got obsessed with coupons a little, stacked a little, got lots of free stuff and good deals then got sick of couponing. Now I have a thick binder full of coupons that I will probably never use.
  • Made lemon pies in little mason jars - soo cute!! Don't you think everything looks cuter in jars? I do!
  • The girls each went to a different Bible camp and totally enjoyed themselves! Thanks, Grandma K. :)
  • Laur and I volunteered at the face painting table at VBS and ended up having fun doing it! 

  • Made granita for the first time.
  • Crocheted an afghan. (well, it's not quite done!)
  • Took a break from quilting.
  • Made sheer drapes for the living room and dining room.
  • Painted all my furniture and chandeliers and kitchen cabinets and basically everything that doesn't move and some things that do.
  • Went to our niece's wedding reception and it was beautiful! I did the hair for that as well.
  • Got to meet our nephew's fiancée and she is lovely.
  • Got hooked on Pinterest! Please follow me there, and I'll follow you right back. There are so many cool ideas, especially all the DIY projects and recipes.
  • There were birthday parties and sleepovers and ice cream waffle cones from the local dairy.
  • Trips to the USA for shopping.
  • Front yard bake sales complete with gymnastics for entertainment.
  • Free pedicures for my sister and I at a beautiful Mission spa thanks to the local radio station.

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