Friday, September 30, 2011

Home Decorating :: Old Trunk Redo


In the spring Grandpa asked if I'd like to have Grandma's old trunk. I jumped at the chance without having a clue about the condition of it or anything else. I just thought it would be neat to have it not only because it was potentially a cool old trunk, but mainly because it was Grandma's. At one time she used it to store fabric. She did a lot of sewing; everything from fancy bridesmaids dresses to men's cowboy shirts and work clothes.
Here's how the trunk looked when Dad delivered it to me: covered in wallpaper, tons of rust and some mold. It was quite a chore to scrape off the wall paper, and get it clean enough to paint. After the wall paper was off, I ripped the leather handles off and then went to town bleaching the heck out of it - inside and out!
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Once it was completely clean and dry I used a whole can of white glossy Tremclad paint on it - inside and out. You can still see a few holes caused by rust, but they just add to the charm!
At the vintage market last week, Elisa had an old trunk that she'd mod podged with scrapbook paper. It looked really neat. Not sure if I want to have a scrappy look like that for mine, though. I think I'll leave it white - holes and all!

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  1. Very nice! I have 3 trunks stuffed away in my basement...hmm...thinking I should paint them and use them now!