Wednesday, September 14, 2011

{ chevron crochet }


I was telling Reeve about this afghan I'm working on and she asked to see it, so I thought I might as well show you all! I was sure I'd posted this on my blog ages ago, but I guess it was just facebook. Oops! So, here it is... my greyish blue and white crocheted chevron afghan, in progress.

Before we went on our summer vacation to the Sunshine Coast, I started searching my local wool shop and Ravelry for a nice chevron (zigzag) pattern. I was inspired by all the neat chevron decor I'd seen on Pinterest and new I wanted to create something with that motif for my newly decorated living room. I went on our trip armed with 5 patterns, none of which ended up working! So, I took the best parts of each pattern and came up with one I'm happy with.

For yarn I am using cotton that I bought at Zellers. I love the feel of cotton in an afghan. It's nice in the summer or winter. It also washes up nice. 6 or 7 years ago I crocheted a cotton queen size blanket for our bed and it's still as good as new even though it's been washed many times.

Next I should show you the super-neat-I'll-never-make-another-one-again scarf that I finished about the time the hockey season finished up. To avoid watching hockey I would take my knitting and the kids to the pool. I kept track of the number of hours it took to make this scarf: 52! Holy crap.

Now that fall is almost here I'm going to get back into my sewing room. Do you have any crafty plans for the fall and winter?



  1. Thanks Cindy! It's so beautiful! I've never thought about doing a cotton blanket - but you are so right, it would uber-comfortable! Thanks again for posting AND the link love:)

  2. @reeve Thank you! You've inspired me to get this thing finished. Have you decided which afghan you will knit?