Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Chicken Fajita Salad

-Cooked, sliced chicken breast--- flavored with Fajita Seasoning*

-mixed greens 

-diced yellow, red, green peppers 


-diced sweet onion

-grated tex mex cheese

-tostitos hint of lime chips

-can of black beans, rinsed 

-1 sliced lime for garnish

Salad Dressing

-1/2 cup pace medium thick and chunky salsa 
-2 cups sour cream 
-1 pkg ranch dressing powder 
-enough milk to get a nice consistency

*How I cooked the chicken: Completely thaw bnls sknls chicken breasts, thoroughly dry the pieces with paper towels, then toss into a ziplock bag with a couple tbsp of the epicure fajita seasoning. Close the bag and squish the chicken like crazy to distribute the seasoning. Leave for 10 min or longer, then sear in a hot skillet with a bit of canola oil on both sides, then cover with a lid and cook on low until cooked. Let rest on the cutting board for 10 minutes and then slice into ¼" strips. 


  1. This looks wonderful, i can't wait to give it a try. Where do you find that brand of fajita seasoning?


  2. Oh yummy....this looks great! Thanks for sharing.

  3. hey..that kitchen looks familiar;) This was, hands down, the bestest salad I've ever had...EVER! You are a great chef Cindy!

  4. smallcity: I've been using Epicure Selections fajita seasoning, which is really good. You can order it online at Where it asks for your consultant's name, if you put 'Josie Bennet', my cousin will benefit! Thanks.

    Andrea: Thanks! Yup! The most beautiful kitchen around. :) That was a fun day. I get asked for this recipe quite a bit, so thought I should bump it to the top!