Monday, September 27, 2010

{ quilt for kamryn isabell }

Awhile ago I won a jelly roll from an online quilt shop on Twitter (it pays to be in the right place at the right time!)... and this is what I made with it. It's a baby quilt for my cousin's sweet little newborn, Kamryn Isabell. I also made a matching doll blanket that she is using as a topper on Kamryn's dresser. Plus, I have an additional baby quilt top made for the next little girl to come along!

The best part? Getting to hold baby Kamryn today when I delivered her quilt! I love to get my baby fix when I can!


{ roasted root vegetables }

Oh yum! To me, this is fall in a bowl!

Roasted Root Vegetables

Cut up:
-1 rutabaga
-2 large beets
-4 large carrots
-1 large onion

Put 2 tbsp olive oil and a sprinkling of Watkins Garlic Granules in 2 9x13 pans. Pre-heat pans in 400 C oven. Once hot, remove pans from oven and fill with vegetables. Add: freshly ground pepper & sea salt, more garlic granules, fresh minced garlic, rosemary. Stir to coat vegetables evenly. Roast in oven until well browned.

Craft Racks! 
Organize your craft supplies... one Craft Rack at a time!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

{ rustic corn chowder }


I haven't made corn chowder for quite awhile, but every time I make it it's a little different. 

Today's version:

-1 large diced onion sauteed in 1/4 cup butter with lawry salt & pepper & garlic bits (watkins).
-add 1 cup half & half
-add 7 cobs of corn (minus the cobs!)
-realize your frying pan isn't large enough and dump everything into the large stock pot.
-throw in a large yogurt container of frozen homemade chicken stock
-pick all the chicken off the bones from the roasted chicken in the fridge. throw into pot.
-roast a pan full of small, cubed potatoes with peels on, in a little olive oil, garlic bits, pepper, lawry salt. make sure they are nice and brown and bubbly... this is where the flavor comes from! add to soup.
-make a small pot of roux, gradually add to hot soup, while constantly stirring.
-realize it's now too thick. get a cool whip container of chicken stock from the freezer and throw that in.
-let simmer for a couple hours.
-make biscuits.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

{ spiral rib toque }


Well, I have to say, it has taken me 2 weeks to get used to our new fall schedule. This school year the girls are in new schools and are settling in quite nicely. The only downside so far is there's no door-to-door bus service so I am having to drive and/or walk (yayy) the girls to/from school. I've had to adjust my salon hours to fit around their schedule, but that is one benefit to working for yourself. 

So, what does this cute little Spiral Rib Toque have to do with anything? This is how I spend all my time when waiting in the car for the kids; knitting!  This is the first time I've used this pattern and I have to say, it was very fun to make! 

Spiral Baby Rib Hat              
Hat measures about 14" around and will fit a small baby. 
See below for how to adapt for other sizes.
Baby Weight/Sport Weight Yarn - about 50g

Size 7 dpns or a long size 7 circular needle if you are using Magic Loop method 

Gauge - 5 sts = 1"

Cast on 72 sts and join into circle.

Work 12 rounds in k2/p2 ribbing.
Work in spiral rib patt as follows:
Rounds 1-3: (k3 p3) 12 times
Rounds 4-6: p1 (k3 p3) 11 times, k3 p2
Rounds 5-9: p2 (k3 p3) 11 times, k3 p1
Rounds 10-12: p3 (k3 p3) 11 times, k3
Rounds 13-15: k1 p3 (k3 p3) 11 times, k2
Rounds 16-18: k2 p3 (k3 p3) 11 times, k1

Repeat these 18 rounds once

Shape top:
R1 (k3 p1 p2 tog) 12 times
R2 (k3 p2) 12 times
R3 (k3 p2tog) 12 times
R4 knit
R5 (k2 k2tog) 12 times
R6 (k1 k2tog) 12 times
R7 (k2tog) 12 times **
R8 (k2tog) 6 times
R9 (k2tog) 3 times

Work I-cord on remaining sts - I did about 2" then finished it off and tied a knot in it.

** If you don't want the I-cord you can stop at this point, draw up the remaining sts and finish off.  You can find instructions for I-cord below. 

To adapt for other sizes:
The pattern is in a multiple of 6, so you can adapt this to bigger (or smaller) sizes easily.
Cast on as many as you need and work the body as long as you want.

2-color version
Instead of k3 p3, work * k3 color A, k3 color B*.

Making I-Cord:

You will need two of an appropriate size of double-pointed needles.

K = Knit
Sl 1 = Slip one st knitwise
PSSO = Pass slipped stitch over


Cast on 3, 4, 5 or 6 sts using double pointed needles.  Or in the case of this hat, use the stitches remaining after you decrease to the top of the hat.
Knit, don't turn.

Slip the sts back to the beginning of the needle and k the row again.
Continue in this manner until you have a short length of knitting, pull down on the cord and the gap at the back will close.

Continue until the cord is the length you desire.
Thread the yarn through the sts and pull firmly. thread it through a few stitches on the back of the hat before cutting.