Tuesday, December 14, 2010

{ christmas ball painting party }

Last week Madelyn had a group of friends over to paint Christmas balls. I'd never done this craft before, but had so much fun and love how the balls turned out!

The next day my youngest had some painting fun of her own! If I can find a really good sale, I'm going to buy more Christmas ornaments to paint!

What types of handmade ornaments have you made? Last year for Christmas I received some super cute embroidered, felt, stuffed ornaments that I would like to re-create. I even have all the supplies I need. It's just a matter of making the time to do them!



  1. Michaels had(has?) the clear ones on sale for $4 for 6 on the weekend.

    they look great!

  2. Your ornaments turned out great, Cindy! Today I awarded you the Liebster award! Check it out at thebellanest.blogspot.com and keep up the creative ideas!!!