Thursday, November 04, 2010

{ not recommended for knitting }


Well, here's a review of a different sort; one of the negative variety. My Mom and I are what you would call avid knitters, and my Mom is more like an expert. She's been knitting for about 40 years or so and I've been knitting for almost 30 years. (hard to imagine when I don't look a day over 29, I know!). Anyway, between the two of us we've had a lot of experience with many different types and brands of yarn and we are good knitters - especially my Mom!

So, she recently purchased 3 balls of this new yarn put out by Bernat, called Mosaic. It is impossible to knit with. Mom has tried casting on more than a dozen times with each of the 3 balls. What happens is after casting on several stitches, she'll come to a really thin part in the yarn and it just shreds and breaks. She's been very gentle with the yarn and applied very little/no tension, and still has the same problem.

On the website, Bernat advertises this yarn as "Easy to work with, easy care". So far this has been the opposite of our experience. Bernat, what's up with this yarn?!


Update November 9/10: Bernat replied to my Mom's email. I have yet to receive any sort of response. Here's what they said to Mom:

Dear Alice,

Thank you very much for contacting our company. We are very concerned to receive your complaint about our yarn, and do appreciate you bringing this to our attention.

Mosaic is a Roving type yarn (meaning 'upspun') made with short fibre and very little twist so it will not be as strong as regular 'spun' yarn in ball form. However, once it is knit into 'fabric', it will strengthen and should not pull apart, this is the nature of any Roving yarn.

Please be assured that we take every possible precaution to avoid such problems. Unfortunately despite our strict Quality Control Procedure, much of the inspection process involves human interaction and occasionally faults are not always detected.

We sincerely apologize for the difficulties you have experienced, and appreciate your comments. Once again, thank you for taking the time to bring this matter to our attention and thank you for using our products.


Leah Cherrey
Customer Service

My comment to that: how are you supposed to knit it into a fabric when you can't even cast on?!

Craft Racks!


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  2. Yes, I emailed the company. Maybe it was just one bad batch or something?

  3. I bought some of this in the summer and hate it! Thought it was just me.

  4. We returned the yarn to Zellers this afternoon and got a refund. No reply from Bernat yet.