Thursday, October 14, 2010

{ living room }

So, I love decorating. There. I said it. I didn't say I am good at it or that I even have a decorating style, but I could spend hours browsing home decorating blogs and magazines and dream about having a beautifully decorated home. Currently in our living room I do not have even one end table, but I recently set up this cute vignette using a sofa table. Almost everything you see here was either a gift or thrifted or made by me. Maybe that is not a good thing?

The idea with the empty frames was a project I did with a friend awhile ago after seeing empty a similar idea on The Nester's blog. The quilt is a disappearing 9 patch I made to hang over our bed. The washboard is one my Mom actually used to scrub my baby clothes. The table came from my Mother-in-law when she downsized.

So, although it's a very slow process getting my house how I want it, it is a fun journey. Maybe a review for CSN Stores will help! Perhaps a new lamp this time?

Have you done a review for CSN on your blog? What did you order? When I go to their website I want everything! There are so many choices.

Have a great day!

Craft Racks! 

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  1. I was admiring your books on Wednesday, love this space you created.

    And I really need to get onboard with the CSN reviews!