Friday, October 08, 2010

{ first impressions }

Day 1 with the Laura Ashley NX-2000

So far I have to say that I am quite impressed with this sewing machine. After excitedly opening the box and plugging in the machine I immediately wanted to use it. Who reads manuals anyway? I found it very simple to wind the bobbin and thread the machine without having to consult the manual. Just for fun, though, I clicked through the on screen help section to make sure I had threaded it correctly. It's so neat having everything right at your fingertips on the touch screen - unlike the knobs on my circa 1990 Pfaff.

One little problem that I did run into, which I am sure was pure user error, was I played around with the stitch settings on the nifty touch screen and then proceeded to start sewing without realizing that the stitch I had inadvertently selected did not go with the presser foot that was on the machine. This resulted in a needle immediately breaking and an error message flashing on the screen asking me if I'd broken or bent a needle. It would be good if the machine had a sensor that would not allow you to use stitches that don't work with the presser foot that is currently on the machine... or at least a flashing message telling you which foot you need to switch to.

Thankfully this wasn't a setback at all as it was really easy to change the needle.

One fun perk of this machine is you just press a button and - voila! The machine threads itself. Very impressive.

I love that you can see the bobbin while you're sewing so you know if you're about to run out.

I'll be back tomorrow to show you the project I am starting on. Even though I'll only have this beautiful sewing machine in my possession for a week, I have big ambitions for it! Between renovating bedrooms, cooking a turkey, visiting my family for Thanksgiving, hosting a Fall Brunch for friends and doing hair, I am sure I'll have plenty of time to sew! Who needs to sleep anyway?



  1. I love the big screen on it but I'm surprised it doesn't have a bobbin low warning on it.
    Have fun with your guest!

  2. Hopefully it will beep or something when it gets really low? I will keep you posted!