Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Laura Ashley Limited Edition Sewing Machine

As I'm sure you've noticed, I have had the privilege of hosting the new Laura Ashley (by Brother) sewing machine in my home. I've had a fun week and was able to accomplish a lot of sewing and quilting! I used one Moda Layer Cake (shown here) to put together hourglass blocks, which are being made into throw cushions, a long table runner, and a coffee table topper. I also completed 16 flower applique blocks using one of the many gorgeous blanket stitches available on this machine. It was hard to decide which stitch to choose as there are just so many! I also did a lot of experimenting on scraps with free motion quilting and many of the 460 stitches, just to try them out! The end result? Me wishing I owned this machine! Seriously. It's that amazing.

The Good:

  1. This sewing machine was very straightforward/easy to plug in and immediately start using. Although, I could have avoided one broken needle if I'd read the manual before beginning to sew.
  2. I love that the machine threads itself at the push of a button. 
  3. I love that the machine cuts its own thread at the push of a button.
  4. This sewing machine is pretty to look at. It's nice that it has decorative flower decals on it.
  5. The touch screen is large, clear and easy to read and it works well with either your finger or the stylus that comes with it.
  6. I enjoyed the huge variety of stitches and can only imagine all of the possibilities and ways of using them in sewing and quilting projects.
  7. It's awesome that the Laura Ashley Limited Edition Brother Sewing Machine comes with, basically, everything you need. I am impressed that you even get a top notch walking foot, and a foot for free motion quilting, an attachment for sewing circles and many other feet that I did not have time to experiment with.
  8. This machine sews very well. I had no problems with tension, thread breakage or anything like that. 
  9. The 1/4" foot with guide is very accurate, which is really important when piecing a quilt!
  10. This machine quilts very well! It had no problem going through several layers or fabric and batting with ease.
  11. This machine sews quietly!
  12. The bottom line is: this sewing machine was by far the best sewing machine I have ever used and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is in the market for a high quality, innovative and reliable machine.
The Could Be Better:
  1. DVD - I think it would be beneficial to a new sewing machine owner to receive with her machine an educational DVD.  When you first open the magnificent, large box containing your brand new, state of the art, top of the line sewing machine it would be extremely helpful to see a DVD just inside the flap of the box. You could instantly watch it to learn how to set up and start using your machine.
  2. It would be neat to have a laminated stitch guide that you could keep close by as a handy reference tool. Yes, there is a very well laid out stitch guide in the back of the manual, but it would be nice to have it on laminated card stock.
  3. It would be amazing if the machine refused to sew if you had selected a stitch that did not work with the presser foot currently attached to the machine. It would prevent broken needles!
  4. It would be totally fun if you could connect your machine to the internet (wirelessly). Then you could look up quilting websites, online manuals and tutorials at, sewing patterns, download new stitches, etc.
Thank you, Brother, for the opportunity to give your new sewing machine a test run! Sadly, I will now be packaging it up and getting it ready to send back to you.


Update (November 28, 2010) Well, the machine has traveled across Canada and is now spending a couple weeks in Gail Mitchell's dining room! You can read all about her experience here, here, and here

If you're looking for a more affordable Computerized Brother sewing machine, there's a great one over at CSN.


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