Wednesday, June 23, 2010

{ coming soon... product review }

Hello again!

I am so excited to have been chosen to review yet another product for CSN Stores. In May I was given the opportunity to review any product in the $100 price range and I chose a Kitchen Aid Dutch Oven in my favorite color - pesto green! My order arrived (in Canada) in record time and was delivered right to my door by a courier. I have been very pleased with the customer service at CSN Stores as well. I emailed a few times with questions about products and shipping and was always replied to within the same business day. You can't ask for much better than that! I am not sure which product I will choose this time. I know they have dining room tables and it would be nice to have a new one. Maybe they'll have just the right one on sale! Otherwise I will most likely choose another kitchen item, or possibly a pair of shoes for my daughter.

I am rather fond of these gorgeous le Crueset baking pans! Please stay tuned to see what I pick out. And, feel free to leave a comment suggesting what I should order!

Enjoy this beautiful June day.



  1. Hi Cindy, for some reason your blog has not been updating on mine... or I've just missed your that's why I haven't been by in a while! It was nice to see you at Cultus the other day... quick little hello!
    And congrats on joining WW! It's a wonderful program... I re-joined at the end of April online and have really been enjoying it. I've been blogging about it too on a seperate blog. Thanks for the recipe for the slushie... Mmmm, summer!

  2. Great review, Cindy... not sure why I didn't see this before now. Love those dishes. I just checked out some of the stuff on that site - looks great! I love that they have a "Made in America" section, and they have a huge selection of everything.

    How was the shipping cost to Canada? I know it says "free shipping" on a lot of the items, but does that include to Canada.

  3. Thanks, Sarah! I'll be doing another review as soon as I get the (free) slipcovers I ordered. Gradually I am going to re-decorate my living room and will hopefully blog about it... if I get a camera that works!

    Anyway,I don't' think the free shipping includes Canada, but I'm not sure since my shipping was paid for because of doing the reviews. I know you pre-pay all of the "international fees" so when your parcel gets delivered there is nothing owing. It arrived by Purolator Courier.

    PS. They are looking for more people to do reviews for them in exchange for either a gift certificate for yourself or one to give away on your blog.