Tuesday, April 27, 2010

{ living room decor }


One of my goals/wishes for 2010 is to make over our living room. We've had the same furniture basically since we got married, including this tv stand, which was one of our first furniture purchases. I can't decide if I should just paint this or shop around for tv stands. What would you do?! It might look nice painted in a dark chocolate brown. I'll keep you posted with our room decor progress... be patient, it could take months. lol

Meanwhile, I will be back soon with a review of CSNStores.com! There are over 200 stores including Cookware.com and they have the green le Creuset that I've been drooling over for so long! Yum.

Talk to you soon!



  1. Hey Cindy...I love the tv stand...if anything I would just paint it, like you say, a nice dark chocolate, scuff it up a bit and add some cool hardware! that's my 2 cents:)

  2. Chocolate is good, but I would paint it white first, then paint it a light teal color then scuff up the edges (of course depending on your style and color likes)! Just my two cents!

  3. Nothing like a coat of paint to spruce up a piece of furniture. That, and new hardware. Hope you get your le Creuset. Drool!