Wednesday, September 23, 2009

{ thank you splitcoaststampers }

SplitCoastStampers is an amazing online community for rubber stampers that I used to participate in regularly when I was heavily into paper crafting. What I find so amazing about this forum is that, a thread that was started 21 months ago that simply mentioned my Craft Racks site is still driving traffic to my site. Just this week I've had an influx of orders from people who read the thread at SCS. Thank you, SplitCoastStampers!! You rock.

Here's the post I'm referring to:

Default My stamp pad storage holder

Several people here asked me about my stamp pad holder and where I got it. I had bought it about 6 years ago through someone in Canada. I searched for it and couldn't find it but lo and behold, I finally found it and the good news? someone here at SCS sells them off her blog! I love this thing and has worked perfectly for my needs. It does not take up a lot of space, holds all my pads, can be painted and decorated, is very sturdy and I even think it can be hung on a wall if wanted.

Here is the link to my photo of it:

If anyone is interested in this or the other holder (I loved their ribbon holder also. Had that until I moved into my room) here is the SCS's blog that sells them.

Hope this helps all of you that asked me about it. I am very excited to have found it once again. I love this thing!

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  1. that's awesome Cindy! All it takes sometimes is one person to start the 'need' for organization. Go girl!