Tuesday, September 29, 2009

{ meal planning monday }


It's that time of the week again... meal planning Monday (on a Tuesday)! How did your meal plan go last week? Did you stick to it? We had a minor lapse on Thursday... I had planned something lame and didn't feel inspired to cook, and we were having a busy day (so many excuses LOL), so we went out! I updated last week's post to show what really happened... and added a few photos of some of the yummy stuff I cooked & baked.

So, I have my trusty recipe binder here and will flip through it to look for inspiration. When I find an enticing recipe online, I will usually print it and stick it in this binder. I also email it to myself and keep a folder called "Recipes" in my email program. (Eudora). That way if I ever lose the printed copy or if someone asks me for a recipe I can easily print it again.

Here we go:

  • Pioneer Woman's Lasagna This was a huge hit with everyone in the family. We had another family of 5 over for dinner on Sunday. I didn't double the recipe and it was plenty for Sunday dinner as well as leftovers for Monday! That was one heavy lasagna, and so delicious. If you print it out, I noticed an omission in the printable recipe when I compared it to Ree's blog post. In the blog post she says you're supposed to simmer the meat & tomato mixture for 45 minutes and that step is missed on the printable version. I didn't catch this until after I'd made the lasagna so I didn't simmer... and it was still perfect.
  • Caesar salad
  • Garlic toast: made with artisan garlic & rom
  • Apple crisp with ice cream (thanks for bringing dessert, Tammy!).
Monday: leftovers

  • Roasted chicken legs & backs. Once the chicken thaws out I'm going to soak it in brine (water, salt, brown sugar, bay leaves) for a few hours to tenderize it and add flavor, then I will roast it in my Pampered Chef lasagna pan.
  • mashed potatoes - Giada style
  • roasted rutabaga
  • Rice Pudding - update: I wouldn't recommend this recipe as it is written. It's completely runny after 25 minutes. After baking it for 70 minutes, it finally resembles rice pudding.
  • Spaghetti with Marinara Sauce
  • Chocolate un-baked cookies


  • BBQ Chicken Pizza - My kids' favorite home made dinner!
  • Recipe: bread machine dough, pizza sauce, onions, red peppers, can of pineapple, diced, cooked chicken smothered in bbq sauce, drizzled bbq sauce, fresh cilantro, grated cheddar cheese.
  • Andrew's 1st Birthday cake!

What's on your menu for the rest of the week?! I'll try to come back throughout the week to update this post with pics and what we actually had for dinner. mrgreen


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  1. i think its a great idea posting a weeks worth of dinners on your blog. i have gotten out of the habit of cooking regularly...i have made a commitment to myself to cook most dinners in the week. thansk for the inspiration