Friday, August 14, 2009

Bags :: Pleated Paisley Purse

Pretty fabric, a couple of vintage-ish buttons, a pattern I've been dying to try, and nobody home, but me.
Pleats! I haven't done pleats for ages (maybe never?). I think I may have done them on some little dresses back in the day.
et Voila - an adorable little pleated bag! I still haven't decided where to put the buttons. Maybe I'll leave them off.

Here's a better pic of my lovely new {old} china cabinet that I mentioned yesterday. One day I will fold all of my fabric and put it in neat little stacks, but for now it does the job!

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  1. The purse is purdy!!! Love the cabinet too - what a score! :)

  2. Love the bag, the fabric is beautiful!
    Very nice cabinet.

  3. love the fabric! such a cute bag

  4. Oh my, I love that purse! The china cabinet looks great with fabric in it. Who would have thought to use it that way?!