Saturday, August 22, 2009

Bags :: Mini 4 Patch Bag

She doesn't know it yet, but Rhonda and I have started a quarterly tradition. The day the latest Quilts and More magazine arrives at Safeway, Rhonda will come over for an all night sewing session and we will make one of the projects from the magazine. Last night we did just that!

This Swing Bag pattern caught my eye so we both decided to make it. Little did we know (for lack of pre-reading the instructions) that the bag is actually quite small. The picture of it in the magazine was very deceiving since either the model is child size or they made their magazine sample a lot larger that the instructions say. Anyway, it's an adorable bag even if it's only 9" x 10". I love that there's only one strap. The bag is fully lined with dark brown fabric... the same fabric I used for the strap. It is interlined with batting to give the bag some shape.

Now my task is to tweak this pattern to make the bag about double that size, box the bottom, and have it so the turning hole (or whatever you call it) is inside the lining rather than right at the top of the bag.

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  1. i'm all up for this tradition

  2. Totally adorable!! Is that like the other pattern we made but just with 4 squares on front instead of just one piece? I like it! I just saw someone else's bag on FB that had a cute little pocket on the front. And my mom has a bag that has a picture pocket on the front... I want to try both ideas, but probably not all on the same night!!!!

  3. Oh, I just noticed that you had the pattern link on here. Thanks! I'll check it out. I should read first, comment second, but I often do it the other way around!!

  4. What a pretty bag. TTFN ~Marydon

  5. I am loving all your bags! What fun it looks like you are having!