Friday, July 17, 2009

{ more ginger blossoms }

I absolutely adore this fabric! I can't get enough of it. Awhile ago I completed a friendship braid quilt using this pretty fabric and then I started on 6 little somethings using the scraps. Can you guess what I'm working on? The fabric line is Ginger Blossom by Sandi Henderson.

I still need to take some pics of the friendship braid quilt to show you. I love how it turned out! I was waiting until it was nicely hung in my new hair salon, but I'm not sure if I can wait any longer!

So, what are you up to this fine summer? Are you working on any creative projects?


PS. The site below has some fantastic patterns! Check them out. mrgreen

You Can Make This


  1. Oh so so lovely...I agree the fabric is amazing...if only I was as talented? Where is your hair shop??? Is is far from Abbotsford? Glad to hear your Summer is busy with fun...I have a list a mile long and have just started...first on my list is paint our bedroom and bath...started this week!

  2. I love this fabric too! I just made a quilt out of it and it's gorgeous. Well, I should say the quilt top is. I need to get it sandwiched and quilted. That's one of the things I'm working on.

  3. I'm guessing you are working on the cutest purse/tote I've seen in a while. Love the fabrics. Will we get to see it when it's done?

  4. I LOVE, love, love, Ginger Blossom!! Sandi Henderson is a favorite of mine as well!! Can't wait to see what you are making.....Oh yes, and DO show us that friendship braid quilt!!!