Wednesday, July 01, 2009

{ broccoli pasta salad }

Happy Canada Day!

Tonight for dinner I wanted to make pesto pasta salad with a bbq'd steak sliced on top, but alas I didn't have the ingredients and couldn't bear to pull the girls away from all their fun splashing in the pool to go to the store. Sooooo... I came up with this creation using what I had on hand. Yum! It's really good. Here's the recipe:

Broccoli Pasta Salad

-Cooked pasta shells (in well salted water with a little olive oil. rinse with cold water to help it cool faster)
-Cooked bacon, crumbled
-broccoli, chopped fairly small
-tomato, diced
-red onion, thinly sliced
-pine nuts, toasted
-coleslaw dressing
-1 tbsp lemon juice
-2 tbsp Pesto Artichoke Dip Mix (Victorian Epicure)

Chill before eating, unless you like warm pasta salad. ick eek

So, what did you do this fine July 1?


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