Monday, June 01, 2009

{ garage sale finds }

Last Saturday I went garage sale-ing. Are you surprised? To make things more interesting, I went with Rhonda and we dragged along a few of our kids, just for fun.

And, the sales did not let me down! Look at this treasure! I've been searching online and in stores for bike for myself to replace the one that was stolen last year. I wasn't able to find one the right style in my price range - until Saturday! This beauty was only $25, so I immediately latched onto it and paid for it... not even considering that it may not fit in the back of the vehicle. ooops! With lots of determination and re-arranging, we were able to jam it in there. I'm sure the 3 kids didn't mind that we piled all of our other purchases on top of them. eek

On a bike ride yesterday I spotted a whole row of neat old rickety chairs with peeling paint and a big FREE sign above them! Since they wouldn't fit in my bike basket, I raced home, got the car and went back to pick them up. Although the chairs do have a certain charm with all of the peely paint I decided to paint them light turquoise. The chairs will stay outside with plant pots on them.

Now I need a couple of rickety old wooden framed windows for the salon. I plan to replace the glass with mirrors. I thought that would be more interesting than just slapping a couple of plain old mirrors on the wall.


New Moon by Stephenie Meyer (Paperback - Little Brown & Co)


  1. Fantastic Finds !!! I haven't been garage saling for a few weeks but will be going on Saturday morning. I hate how my car limits me to what I can purchase :))

  2. Hey, I can comment...guess I just had to be signed in....oh well. I love your finds...if I come out to Chilli on Sat do you wanna go garage salin'? I have to check with hubby but that'd be fun!