Monday, June 15, 2009

{ bliss }


I can't think of a more enjoyable way to spend a Monday than with a circle of wonderful friends! We met at a sweet little tea house in Abbotsford called Serendipi Tea. 6 out of 7 of us ordered the Cranberry Bliss. After hearing Madelyn's recommendation of the sandwich, we simply could not resist! mmm... it was good. The bread tasted home made and the added cranberries gave it a nice flavour. I wouldn't recommend eating the kumquat, though!

I should mention that although Serendipi Tea was good, I would definitely recommend Apeldoorns in Chilliwack for their superior service.

Before and after lunch we *had* to stop in for a browse at Quilt Essentials. Oddly enough, I came away empty handed. There was lots to drool over, but I resisted buying this time.

And since we skipped dessert at Serendipi Tea, a few of us had our own little after party at Tracy Cakes. Not really, but we did get a dozen baby cakes to go!! Aren't they adorable?

I hope your Monday was as enjoyable as mine!



  1. those cupcakes look so good! can't wait to eat mine

  2. Sounds like the perfect day hit all my Abbotsford favourites....lucky girl...

  3. Alas, I was the 'bliss-less' one... the sandwiches were better than my salad, I'm sure! It was a great afternoon... and I DID leave the quilt shop with something in hand. (I'm piecing a crib tonight!)
    Thanks for a fun lunch! Kim

  4. Oooooo... I left the party too soon!!!! I should have wandered over to Tracy Cakes with you! We'll have to go there another time :)

  5. Definitely... it looked like a nice place for tea/lunch. They even have a high chair!

  6. I'm wishing I had one of those baby cakes right now! blessings, marlene