Tuesday, May 26, 2009

{ sew-along }


I've decided to participate in Old Red Barn Co.'s Sew-Along. The first step was to choose 12 fabrics in 1/2 yard cuts. I happened to have this perfectly folded collection of April Cornell's Sonnet Collection by Moda in my fabric cupboard. While I hated to unfold it, it does feel good that I'm finally going to use it after hoarding it for nearly a year! I purchased this fabric for an amazing price last summer in Ontario when I went there to visit a dear friend. There's a meter or more of each of these fabrics, so thankfully I will still have lots left over once the Sew-Along is finished.

I am now in the midst of cutting up this gorgeous fabric into 2.5" strips. I'll have a pic of that step soon.

So, is anyone else joining this Sew-Along? There are some great prizes along the way and one very grand prize at the end!



  1. 'Just turned on your 'daily blog'. I've joined the sew-along. Thanks for sharing this project.

  2. I don't have time for this sew along Cindy but I'll be keeping up with yours - love those fabrics! blessings, marlene

  3. I've joined it. I had fabric from my mom so I've decided to go old style with the calico-type cottons. I have 13 colors and STILL can't decide which is going to be saved for the binding. -sigh- I really need to decide this before I cut this week.

    Your fabrics are lovely. Beck

  4. oops, not cotton calico. Just small florals. Mis-typed.