Saturday, May 23, 2009

{ habit }


It seems that I've developed a fun Saturday habit... garage sale-ing! Today the girls and I were up at the crack of dawn and out the door to hit the streets in search of - who knows what! We made the rounds to a couple of huge sales in churches, a stolen bike auction, and a few regular house garage sales. I got this perfect kitchen table from just down the street. So far I am loving it in the kitchen. Our old table was 48" in diameter so it made it just a little toooo cozy! This one is only 28" across and it fits nicely with the 4 chairs I got at the city wide garage sale a couple weeks ago. The plant pot thingy is something I picked up at a garage sale a couple weeks ago as well. And the quilt table runner was one I made for my kitchen wall. Now I have a naked wall, but it looks great on the table!

I also got some great deals on some fantastic stuff for Tangles Hair Design!! (the salon I am opening) I got a bathroom sink with taps for $7, an antique-ish cabinet with chicken wire in the doors - so cute! A sander for $5 so I can re-finish some furniture. 2, yes TWO antique sewing machines for $25!

In between all that hunting, Mom treated us to a lovely lunch.

It's been a good day. :)

How did you spend your Saturday?



  1. the runner looks fabulous on the table.

    i scrubbed my house, did way too many loads of laundry, went shopping, burnt dinner and now i'm quilting

  2. went to work, then planted carrot seeds and zucchini plants, cucumber plants, our first garden. Then Lis came over, had a bbq, now it's movie time.

  3. Went to work, planted our first garden, and Lis came over for a bbq

  4. i was great, but i'm inspired by you to fit some garage sale-ing in there soon :)

  5. I spent my Saturday quilting in the garden. Your new table looks great and I love the table runner. I haven't been to a garage sale in a long time. That sounds like fun.