Saturday, May 30, 2009

{ ginger blossoms }

So, my husband and I have been busily working away setting up a hair salon for me in the garage. It's going well, although a little slower than I would like! I want it done yesterday. mrgreen We're hoping Tangles Hair Design will be open for business by July, but a lot of work needs to be completed still... so we will see.

What you see here is the beginning of a quilt I am working on. It's a Friendship Braid Quilt that will adorn a wall in the hair salon. This cute fabric is a line called Ginger Blossom by Sandi Henderson for Michael Miller.

What are your plans for this week? I'll be painting & re-upholstering, bike riding and going to work. (plus all the usual: driving kids back and forth, cooking, cleaning, and if the family is lucky - laundry)



  1. love it.
    and what is with the laundry? i did some all weekend and yet the dirty basket is full AGAIN!

  2. Very cool - love to come help you paint! My friend and I did a "make over" for our other friends beauty shop - we printed retro hair style prints and framed them up - there are some great ones out there with dogs under the hair dryer, etc....we really had fun giving the shop a make over! Love your color scheme - wishing you all the best in your venture. Cute shop name too! uppercaseliving has new beauty shop decals that are cool too!