Friday, January 30, 2009

{ flower garden }

In case you haven't noticed, I love to start projects! Here's another little something that I started working on last night. I've got all the flowers cut out. They are backed with Steam 2 Seam fusible web. I'm following the tutorial/pattern that I mentioned yesterday. There's also a super cute rocket pillow that I plan to make for a super cute little boy.

Do you start new projects when you already have ten or so on the go, or is it just me? The funny thing is I don't even feel guilty about constantly starting things. It's a hobby and meant to be fun, so if I feel like setting aside my Winter Wonderland quilt for another 8 months while I play with whimsical flower garden pillows and pretty Moda layer cakes, then I will happily do that.



  1. i totally agree. i love to start projects and i love to finish them but i think i love to start them more lol. saying that, i'm probably not going to work on my yellow brick road quilt OR my valentine's one this weekend. i may just end up playing with my new layer cake ;)

  2. oh and the flowers are super cute!