Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sunday, July 13, 2008

{ look and learn quilt }


You know that adorable Look and Learn by American Jane for Moda quilt I made last week during our sew-a-thon? The top is done!

Friday, July 11, 2008

{ sew-a-thon day 5 - finale }


Wow, today has been busy, but good. We started off the day by taking the cat to the vet to get him neutered. Then my team of unwilling participants (ie. children )and I cleaned like mad women to get the house ready for a relaxing and fun day of sewing. This afternoon we had a new friend over so I could show her how to make a quilt. She is a total natural at it, so it was very easy and I had to do very little teaching. Her quilt is going to look amazing!

Here's Karen showing her quilt progress. This is actually the back of the quilt! Isn't it awesome?

This evening Rhonda and I had our sew-a-thon finale at my place. She worked on her dandelion jelly roll quilt and I cut out a bunch of pink fabric that my daughter is using to make a disappearing 9 patch quilt and then started on a disappearing 9 patch for myself using Moda's Shangrila charm squares (shown above). I plan to hang this on my wall when it's done.

Be sure to check Rhonda's blog to see what she's been working on this week as well.
When sewing, sweaters come in really handy as a thread catcher. ;-)
This is Rhonda pressing her quilt before she had to dash home.

I think we'll have to do another sew-a-thon very soon. It's been a lot of fun!

Now I need so shift gears because tomorrow night I'm getting together with some ladies to make cards! I realized I needed to make some cards recently when I went to get a birthday card for someone and found only "Let it Snow" cards in my card box! Somehow, "Let it Snow" just doesn't cut it for a July birthday.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

{ sew-a-thon day 4 }


So, in lieu of actually doing any sewing this evening (for sew-a-thon day 4), Rhonda and I just had to take a trip to the nearest Reitman's! Of course, we stopped at a few other nearby stores and had to hit up Starbuck's before we headed home. We had a great evening out with lots of laughs! It was awesome. We should really put our kids in soccer camp year round. j/k

Earlier today I did manage to complete the Look and Learn American Jane by Moda quilt top! Now I need to figure out how to quilt it. I know I want it machine quilted. It'll either be me quilting it on my little Pfaff Varimatic or I will be saving up my pennies to send it out to Rhonda to have it professionally quilted on her longarm machine. Decisions decisions.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

{ sew-a-thon day 3 }


Well, we've finished day 3 of our sew-a-thon! I now have 40 completed blocks sewed together in 8 rows. Now that I see the picture of the rows I think I need to rearrange them a bit before I sew them together. Tonight I also pieced together a dozen or so jelly roll strips into one big blob (for lack of a better word at this late hour). I will cut this blob into lovely little sections which will form a piano key border.

Don't forget to take a peek at Rhonda's quilt progress as well! She took a bit of a detour tonight and it may surprise you.

Day 4 of our sew-a-thon will have a bit of a twist... we won't actually be sewing at all. I wonder what we *will* be doing?! Tune in late tomorrow night to find out.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

{ sew-a-thon day 2 }


I must say that night two of our sew-a-thon was a success (ie. I didn`t have to rip out any stitches LOL). So far I`ve partially completed 39 blocks as shown in the pic above. Each of the blocks are unique. You can see Rhonda`s progress on her blog as well. Her quilt is gorgeous - even more so in person. To top off the evening, Rhonda served delicious-fresh-from-the-oven-brownies - Yum!

Whose Patons Be Mine yarn is this anyway? And what am I going to do with it? I know what I am not going to do with it... and that is crochet! I have started knitting an afghan with this luscious (but difficult to crochet) yarn this afternoon while the girls were splashing around in the pool. Once again there were no mosquitoes... amazing!

I wonder where I got this adorable-too-cute-for-words linen tote bag?

{ perfect summer day + sew-a-thon day 1 }

Splashing in the $35 Craigslist find.

Stitching in the sun with NO mosquitoes!

Finally cooked something half decent.

Finished off the day with a sew-a-thon at Rhonda's! Read her progress on her blog. Instead of following Carola's Once Around the Block Pattern exactly, I decided to do a 4 patch for the center block. I started with all 5" squares and am "trying" to follow the tutorial here for a quick and easy way to make a 4 patch. LOL yeah right. I spent more time un-sewing than sewing, but that is ok. I have a new stitch ripper and we are becoming very close. ;-)

Sunday, July 06, 2008

{ sew-a-thon }


Well, it's official, Rhonda and I are having a sew-a-thon this week! We are getting together every evening from Monday to Friday to sew. By the end of the week we'll have each completed a quilt top!

For my quilt I am going to use the fabric shown above. It's called Look and Learn American Jane by Moda. I purchased the jelly roll awhile ago from Hamel's back room for half price and then picked up the rest on Saturday at their 20% off sale. Since they didn't have any charm packs, I cut my own 5" squares. The blue stripe will be used as an inner border. I'm going to be using the Once Around the Block pattern by Carola (again!).

Don't tell my youngest daughter, but I think I will give her this quilt for her birthday. I bought this fabric because I love it, so why not keep the quilt in the family?

Have a nice week! I'll be posting updates daily for the sew-a-thon!

{ john deere goes once around the block }


Here's a quilt that I just *had* to make for Andrea as soon as I found out she had a boy! If you click on the photo you can probably see that the fabric is John Deere. I don't know about Andrea, but I know her husband is a big fan of John Deere, so I'm sure their baby boy will be as well!

The pattern I used for this quilt was Once Around the Block by Carola in Gibsons, BC. It's the same pattern I used for the Memory (t-shirt) Quilt and I will be using this pattern again for a quilt I'm starting tomorrow (more details on that to follow!).

Thursday, July 03, 2008

{ what I'm working on }


Here's a one-of-a-kind quilt I'm working on for a customer. The centers of each block are 7" squares cut from my customer's child's clothing. For the stretchy t-shirts I first ironed on fusible interfacing and then cut out the squares using a template and my rotary cutter. I cut the brown and green fabric into long 2.5" strips and then chain pieced the blocks. Before I did any of this I mapped out how I wanted the quilt to look on Stampin' Up! grid paper. See, some of my stamping supplies *are* coming in handy for sewing! Next I will sew the blocks together, add borders and then send it off to Rhonda to be quilted! I think this is such a nice way to preserve the memories of when your child was just a wee little baby.

I'll post another pic when it's all done!

{ great song! }

I love this song!