Wednesday, November 19, 2008

{ quilted tree skirt }


I guess it's about time I posted something a little creative on this blog! This is a quilted Christmas tree skirt that I designed a few weeks ago and just finished making last night. Once we get our (real live) tree I will take a better picture, but for now I thought I'd show ya what it looks like.

The fabric for this came from FabricLand. I'm not sure what the fabric line is called... and I've already cut off and thrown away the selvages.

Binding the inside corners of this thing was a big pain in the butt. I thought I was making it easier by making it a square cut out, but now I'm thinking a circle would have been much easier.

I quilted it myself on my Pfaff... so don't look too closely at the quilting. ;-)

If you're going to be in the Abbotsford area this weekend you should stop in at Andrea and Kim's Christmas open house. I was there last year and it was amazing! They are a couple of very creative chicks with lots and lots of gorgeous stuff to sell. You can see all the details about when & where on their blogs.

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  1. Thanks for the kind words Cindy! Looking forward to seeing you at one of the sales!
    ...and I just love your tree skirt! Fabricaland has some really fun fabrics right now!
    Have a great night! I need to get loaded up for tomorrow... setting up at Andrea's...

  2. i'll say it again, the quilting is fantastic!!

  3. This is so, so pretty Cindy! I bet it will look beautiful under your is for you...right?

  4. It looks amazing! It'll look even better under your tree :) Remember to post a picture!

  5. I looked closely at the quilting and thought it looked great!!! :-) Will be fun to see what it looks like under the tree!

  6. Cindy that is an adorable tree skirt.

  7. That is a different shape for a tree skirt. I like it. Very nice.

  8. I know its January but I need to make some of these they would also make great gifts.