Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Bags :: Giant Tote Bag for Baby Gift

A week ago tonight we found out that our friends had a sweet baby boy! As soon as I heard the good news I started on this quilt for him. I had a baby girl quilt all ready to go in a pink flowery gift bag - ooops!

Tonight we delivered the gift and I was lucky enough to get to hold him again. What a precious little bundle!
And, for you stampers who keep track of things like that (you know who you are), the above card was made on National Card Making Day. There's no stamping on it, though, so maybe it doesn't count. lol

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  1. It totally counts. After all it is world "card making" day. Does not say stamping only day. :) Cute quilt and cute card. As always!! :)

  2. like the card, awesome quilt too!

  3. You did make a card to go with it...it is lovely! Great job!

  4. great job Cindy...you're not having any luck giving that girl quilt away are you??? Maybe it's time you have another one:)

  5. I have to say, i LOVE that bag! great job Cindy

  6. Love this whole ensemble, Cindy! I have neglected your blog, and I am very sorry because I missed out on your purse giveaway and everything! And of course the card counts... like Jill said, "cardmaking day" not "stamping day!!!!"

  7. awwwwww! I am *ahem* swiping, pics for the gif and I found this (boy, was I ever out of it then)
    thank you SO MUCH..we love the quilt and cute matching bag and card, so cute... though, the boy is only allowed on it for pictures right now (lol)