Sunday, September 07, 2008

{ farmers market }

So exciting!! Hamels Fabrics now carries Farmer's Market fabric! I can't wait to see what these 3 pieces (that followed me home) turn into. I heard they will soon be carrying lots of new lines of fabric, including Amy Butler. I am so happy!

I also *had* to get these 2 patterns, obviously! I am just putting the finishing touches on the Autumn Sampler that I showed you the other day, so it was a given that I'd get all the other seasons as well. Funny thing is, I haven't seen "Spring" anywhere! It must exist. It must!

PS. I found the Spring Sampler here!


  1. Oh, my goodness...this fabric is beautiful!

  2. LOVE that apple fabric! and those samplers are fabulous

  3. Thank you for the birthday wishes, your name is in the basket. Good luck, Jane