Thursday, July 03, 2008

{ what I'm working on }


Here's a one-of-a-kind quilt I'm working on for a customer. The centers of each block are 7" squares cut from my customer's child's clothing. For the stretchy t-shirts I first ironed on fusible interfacing and then cut out the squares using a template and my rotary cutter. I cut the brown and green fabric into long 2.5" strips and then chain pieced the blocks. Before I did any of this I mapped out how I wanted the quilt to look on Stampin' Up! grid paper. See, some of my stamping supplies *are* coming in handy for sewing! Next I will sew the blocks together, add borders and then send it off to Rhonda to be quilted! I think this is such a nice way to preserve the memories of when your child was just a wee little baby.

I'll post another pic when it's all done!


  1. It does look fabulous! I just love that idea!

  2. what a cool idea! and the quilt looks awesome!

  3. Hey Cindy,

    You've been tagged! See my blog for the rules: :)

  4. like the quilt! It looks cool! It has lots of different things.