Thursday, July 10, 2008

{ sew-a-thon day 4 }


So, in lieu of actually doing any sewing this evening (for sew-a-thon day 4), Rhonda and I just had to take a trip to the nearest Reitman's! Of course, we stopped at a few other nearby stores and had to hit up Starbuck's before we headed home. We had a great evening out with lots of laughs! It was awesome. We should really put our kids in soccer camp year round. j/k

Earlier today I did manage to complete the Look and Learn American Jane by Moda quilt top! Now I need to figure out how to quilt it. I know I want it machine quilted. It'll either be me quilting it on my little Pfaff Varimatic or I will be saving up my pennies to send it out to Rhonda to have it professionally quilted on her longarm machine. Decisions decisions.


  1. "So, in lieu of actually doing any sewing this evening (for sew-a-thong day 4)"
    Hi Cindy -
    You don't know me but I stalk your blog because I love your work! This quilt is gorgeous! Before I get to that though - I thought I would ask you to look at the sentence above where I quoted you? Do you sew thongs often? LMAO! (I had to - I just had to comment - that is totally something I would do!)

    But, on to bigger business - for this Look and Learn Quilt - can I ask you if you got these in a jelly roll or did you just buy yardage, etc., and if you did buy the yardage can I be so forward to ask where you may have picked it up and approximately how much it was to do the top? What are you using for the bottom and the edging? I am a super-newbie to quiliting - I have been sewing this and that, but I have a strip quilt here for my neice that I am petrified of starting but can't wait to do it! This Look and Learn I love - matches NOTHING in my home, but I just love it! Looks like something cuddly I could see my boys wrapped up in!

    Congrats on beautiful work!

  2. Mmmm...that "coffee" looks good and so does the quilt!

  3. Beautiful job Cindy...I love the color combo on this one! If I have another baby is it mine? ha ha...I'm SO finished!

  4. it was so much fun! and i absolutely adore this quilt

  5. I almost missed your finish - it's adorable. Way to go!

  6. Okay, I'm drooling all over myself. That quilt is GORGEOUS!

  7. I love your choice in fabrics! This is a lovely quilt top!! I really enjoy your blog, you are very talented.