Tuesday, July 08, 2008

{ perfect summer day + sew-a-thon day 1 }

Splashing in the $35 Craigslist find.

Stitching in the sun with NO mosquitoes!

Finally cooked something half decent.

Finished off the day with a sew-a-thon at Rhonda's! Read her progress on her blog. Instead of following Carola's Once Around the Block Pattern exactly, I decided to do a 4 patch for the center block. I started with all 5" squares and am "trying" to follow the tutorial here for a quick and easy way to make a 4 patch. LOL yeah right. I spent more time un-sewing than sewing, but that is ok. I have a new stitch ripper and we are becoming very close. ;-)


  1. should have had dinner at your place ;) lol!! great pictures

  2. Looks like a great day! When my friend was helping me make my first quilt (and only) I was quite familiar with a stitch ripper too! :o) Looking forward to seeing your progress on the quilt!