Friday, June 06, 2008

{ sack dresses }


Last night my oldest daughter asked me if I could make her a dress for a party she's going to today. Sure, why not! So, this morning I decided to make one for my youngest as well... and this is it. I used the instructions (not really a pattern) from the Quick Stuff to Sew magazine that I had borrowed from Cheryl when I was getting my machine serviced the other day. If you're in the Chilliwack area and you're interested in sewing, you've really got to check out Cheryl's home based sewing store! She has quite a large lending library full of the latest sewing and quilting magazines and books, tons of items you can buy like notions, fabric, books, embroidery floss, fancy sewing machines, etc. She teaches classes as well.

I can't wait til my daughter gets home so I can see how she looks in her new dress! I hope she likes it. rolleyes

PS. She likes it!!


  1. Oh, my gosh! I love it! Please let us know what she thinks of it! :o)

  2. what a talented mommy you are! The dress is great!!!!