Sunday, May 18, 2008

{ lovely card from a dear friend }


How are you? 'Having a good weekend? It's cooled off a little here today, but it's still nice out, so that is good.

Here's a beautiful sparkly card I received from Nancy for my birthday earlier this month. She also gave me an online shopping spree, which was lovely! I picked out several items from my local fabric shop. Thank you Nancy!!

Thanks to everyone who took the time to leave a comment or email me in response to my post about giving up my stamping room. I am feeling good about giving it up. It will be good to have less excess in my life/house and will allow me to focus what creative energy I do have on my girls, my home, cooking, sewing/quilting. Stamping has been on the back burner for a bit now, so I feel ready to leave it behind. Yes, it is a little sad in a way, since stamping has been a big part of my life since 1994, but it is just time and I am ready for it.

Now I have to figure out how to sell off the rest of my stuff. I am still planning to keep one rolling cart of stamping supplies... mainly so my girls can use it and also so if I ever get the urge to get together to stamp with friends, etc., then I will at least have enough supplies to do that.

Is there anyone out there who would like to trade my mountain of stamps & accessories for your un-wanted sewing supplies?

Oh, and, I am not planning on giving up my blog anytime soon! Obviously it won't be as focused on stamping as it used to be... but I will still post once in awhile about stuff.


  1. isn't today just perfect out?
    glad you aren't getting rid of everything, and you know you can always come over here to play with some of my stuff as well :)

  2. Oh, Cindy! I'm so glad you are following your hearts desire! I will definitely keep checking in on you! :o)

  3. Hi Cindy,
    I'm glad you're going to keep at least a cart... you mean an iris cart with a few drawers in it? You can pack in quite a few items in there. And you are going to want to have a few of those things on hand so your girls can be creative when they feel the urge!

  4. Hey Cindy. I can completely understand where you are coming from on this decision - sometimes it can all be sooo overwhelming. If you ever feel the urge to stamp you are always welcome to stop by my craft room! Looking forward to seeing your wonderful sewing creations.