Monday, May 05, 2008

{ friends }


Yes, I am still alive... I've just been neglecting my poor little blog lately due to starting my first job outside of the home in 12 years. I haven't been stamping as much these days because there just isn't enough time, but I have managed to sew a few things. However, I have occasion to blog today because I'm so blessed with wonderful, talented, caring, sweet, generous friends, so I can share with you some beautiful cards they have given me! Today a few of us got together over lunch to celebrate my birthday and catch up. Thank you for spoiling me ~ it was so nice to see you!

This beautiful card is from Tracy.


  1. fabulous cards! glad you had a great time

  2. beautiful cards! so sorry to have missed it, but it just didn't work out. I will give you your card on Friday.... see you then!!

  3. These are beautiful - how wonderful to be so loved! Happy birthday to you and see you Friday!

  4. It was great to celebrate your b-day girlfriend! Here's to a happy year ahead!

  5. Adorable images and great cards! Love the design!