Saturday, April 12, 2008

{ yes, I still stamp... }


I've noticed a lot of blog posts lately where people are resolving to be more organized, especially in their craft rooms. I thought I would pass along how I keep my ink pads neatly organized in case it might help someone out there. If your ink pads look anything like this picture - you need help! LOL

Last year I teamed up with David from Ontario, Canada. He builds these awesome "Craft Racks" in 4 different styles and I sell them online.

<--- See how neat your ink pads can be with a Craft Rack! I just love mine! You can get one that holds 75 ink pads (practically any brand will fit), there's one for organizing your ribbon, another one for wheels, etc., and another that holds 55 ink pads plus several spools of ribbon.

Craft Racks are only $42 USD or $40 CDN plus shipping. If you'd like more info please check out the Craft Racks blog and then you can email me directly if you'd like to order one.


You Can Make This!

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